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  • Further good forest stewardship, management, and sustainability of woodlands

  • Encourage the application of sound silviculture with proven management practices

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 Message from the Bad Axe Chapter President


    Brent.gif Brent McCown 




Watch out for less support of woodland needs


Fall Field Day


Our Fall Field Day is rapidly approaching on Saturday October 28.  We hope all of you can attend, especially since the event will be at our family farm, Wind Hill Tree Farm in Arena, WI.  We've updated the Events Tab on the website with all of the information as well as a link to the flyer.  We will be discussing and demonstrating tree and shrub propagation and what herbicides to use and what not to use on your tree farm.

WWOA Annual Meeting 

I spent the weekend of Sep 23 in Cable WI attending the meeting of the Chapter Chairs and Board of Directors of WWOA as well as parts of the WWOA Annual Meeting.  As usual, I was impressed by the continued enthusiasm of WI private woodland owners (there were over 200 registered attendees at this far northern event) and as well as the importance of volunteers from this group that commit some of their time to WWOA and associated activities.  What also became obvious was the increasing need for such volunteer commitments forced upon WWOA and its chapters by a continued lessening of support form both State and Federal agencies.  Below are some of more specific concerns:

  • The Forestry Mill Tax that every land owner pays as a very small part of their property taxes will be eliminated.  There have been a number of reports detailing the benefits of this directed support to WI forestry (see past newsletters and the WWOA website). The Governor’s administration says to not worry because the programs supported by these funds will continued to be supported by general state budget dollars.  Unfortunately I and a large number of other WWOA folks find it hard to believe that forestry issues can successfully compete with other pressing state needs during the typical biennial budget cycle. Thus expect agencies and programs supporting private woodlands to be even more budgetarily stressed and unable to offer direct assistance.
  • The details of the reorganization of the staff of DNR have been released.  What impacts this may have on access to the expertise and services of DNR is unclear.  This chart will soon be published in the WWOA website for your information.
  • Although the financial status of WWOA appears relatively stable, no increases in funding or staffing resources are apparent.  I talked to some of the paid staff and although they are positive about their work, they are also highly overburdened.  Sudden loss of experienced and overworked folks certainly threatens the viability of the organization.

WWOA and all of its chapters depend even more on the commitment of time and other resources from volunteers to woodland issues.  You can help secure a more stable future of woodland and forestry activities and owners in WI by either (or both) volunteering to help with BadAxe activities and programming or those activities of the parent WWOA organization.  WWOA wants to have at least one member of each chapter on each of its committees. These committees are extremely important as they strongly supplement what the paid staff can accomplish (and thus support you).  Please look over the committees of WWOA on their website and if you have an interest (or expertise) to contribute to one of more of them, contact me (mccowns@tds.net), any board member, or WWOA directly for more information. 

Here’s to a great fall (that is the season, not the loss of supportive resources).